Hospitality, classic today

CASPAR has established itself in the fashion district. CASPAR is a modern living room in Klarendal that many Arnhem residents have already found their way to. In CASPAR people read, work, play and talk. All this while enjoying a snack and/or a drink.

CASPAR is known for its large cups of coffee and cappuccino, wide selection of specialty beers, twelve of which are on tap, various open wines and an original range of spirits. We would like to present you a better alternative for every well-known drink.

At CASPAR we serve delicious pub food; café classics from all over the world, prepared with fresh ingredients. There is also a choice of changing dishes that have more of a classic restaurant approach. There is always a choice between one meat, one fish and one vegetarian dish. Traditional dishes and modern cuisine go side by side with us; everything is prepared traditionally.
We practice classic hospitality, today, welcome!